Relax, Let Go, Heal... Join Marianne for live Meditations

Just some of the numerous benefits of practicing Meditation:

  • Reduces stress.
  • Controls Anxiety.
  • Fosters weight loss. Reduces fatigue
  • Increases immunity. Improves relationships. Promotes Emotional and Mental Health. Increased well being. Improves sleep.
  • Positively affects mood, promotes compassion (for self and others). Enhances Self-Awareness.
  • Heightens focus and lengthens attention-span.
  • Can prevent panic attacks and nervous breakdown; meditation controls our responses during sudden stress encounters by regulating the Sympathetic and Autonomic Nervous systems.
  • Those who use meditation to ease stress seldom have to rely on harmful substances to relax and soothe their nerves.
  • Mindfulness research also shows an impact on pain and chronic disease.
         In short; it makes you happier!
Investment in yourself is €10 per Meditation. Click your chosen button below to book now!
You don’t need any previous experience, just the desire to relax, let go of stress and ultimately, improve your life!


  • Live Meditation at a chosen time during the week.
  • Duration: 40 minutes.
  • Includes energy healing.

3 Months

  • Live Meditation at a chosen time each week for 3 months.
  • Duration: 40 minutes each.
  • Includes energy healing.

Coming Soon! 6 Months

  • Live Meditation at a chosen time each week for 6 months.
  • Duration: 40 minutes each.
  • Includes energy healing.

Marianne McGuire

Marianne McGuire’s work comes from a profound spiritual experience she had as a small child where she was shown certain fundamental universal truths; the truth behind this reality; about how life works and who we really are.

The essence of this spiritual experience; this pure “information” is facilitating her mission; to nudge you into remembrance of the magnificence of who you really are.

Now she guides people to stop seeking and start living from who they really are, by recognizing and letting go of the false self, then deeply connecting with Divine guidance and expressing their truth and creativity, so that they can live from a peaceful, joyous place of knowing their purpose and can finally relax into life and enjoy experiencing the creative, fulfilling, juicy lives they were born to live!

Profits from Marianne's work go towards providing a home for forgotten horses.
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“Marianne has had more of an impact on my life than anyone else. This program is a miracle. I’m picky and I’ve done all of the big name programs but this one, it’s unique. She brings such lightness to it all and makes it fun! She is so loving and encouraging. I actually feel at peace now in my life whereas before, I felt anxious and I felt that something was missing from my life. There are no words to explain how I feel now, peace, joy, love, I feel free, I’m living it! I know who I am. I had read about it but now I feel it! Marianne, you have made my life. Thank you.”

Jennifer B, USA
“[…This] quite literally awakened my inner knowing. Her message brought alive experiences in me both past and present that shook me awake and made me realize my calling and gifts. The message she shares lit me up, quieted my mind chatter, and lit the connection between me and my Divine guidance. It has been a soulfully magical experience that is hard for me to put into words… but this is a foundational piece that has brought my focus to the joy and the light. It has awakened my intuition on a whole new level, by bringing my attention to what was always operating inside of me. Embracing these parts of me is leading to an expansion and fulfillment in every area of myself and my life. Thank you Marianne for sharing this gift with the me and the world.”
"The meditation was amazing! I cried, I filled with energy 🙂 Thanks for helping me release to a higher energy frequency!"

"I loved the soft energy in this meditation. I connected with her voice instantly. Her message was very real to me. I am tingling!!"

"This meditation makes me feel amazing everytime!"

“I am in deep gratitude of Marianne’s Spirit, words, energy and wisdom. From across the miles, I can feel her strength and presence. Indeed, she is powerful! She describes knowing so eloquently and her recordings are very calming. I kept listening to them just because I was loving it.”
Kim Maglinti, USA
"Marianne's live meditations are like balm to my nervous system!!!"

“Marianne’s work is very rich, it’s boiled down to the essence, simple and very high quality.”

“LOVE, kindness, strength, clarity, powerful, FUN are the qualities that come to me when I think of working with Marianne.“

“Marianne is mesmerizing, I get chills when she speaks, I have to stop because there is a shift happening while I’m doing the exercises.”

“Marianne McGuire has a true vibration. She is clear and true. Her voice carries truth and cuts through the veils of illusion.”